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welcomeThere is a consistent thread weaving its way from my youth to the present. Whether it was helping people in crisis, advocating for people with AIDS, micky duxburyor speaking on behalf of the best practices in adoption, I have committed over thirty years of my professional life to serving people that were underserved and marginalized. I hope to continue that commitment as a writer.

Growing up in the working class in New Jersey and being one of the few whites in a predominately African-American elementary school helped me see the world through a different lens. I watched in horror as the suffering escalated in Vietnam, and after months of protests, I graduated from college in 1970, just weeks after Kent State. I moved to San Francisco, immersed myself in the anti-war movement, then the women’s movement, followed by the solidarity movement with Central America. The lens through which I see the world today continues to be informed by what I learned during that turbulent and transformative time.

Fast forward: My daughter’s adoption began with our family having a relationship with her birth mother and inspired the writing of my book: Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption. (Routledge, 2007) When my daughter was one year old, my life was thrown asunder for several years by a serious chronic illness. My experience of that time will someday find its way into writing: What Happens When the Doctor Doesn’t Know What Is Wrong With You?

When not working, writing, hiking, or being with family and friends, I can often be found in my garden - moving things around in a never-ending quest for beauty and completion. Pt. Reyes on the California coast has a special place in my heart and I go there to rediscover and enrich my soul. My creative spirit is indulged by making mermaids, mosaic balls, and photographs. I hope your spirit moves you to comment on my work.